Water Therapy: A remedy for series of ill-health

Water Therapy: A remedy for series of ill-health

The popularity of the chemical formula, H2O is outstanding for its synonymous to water. Peculiarly known for its versatility in daily usage domestically, industrially, among others. As it is indispensable in the survival of plants, so it is for human.

Beyond the explicit characteristic features as universal solvent, it plays important, unquantifiable role in the physiological well being of human if used as expected in terms of required quantity and quality.

Most people are oblivion of the fact that most ailments which had gulped and still gulping so much financial resources from them are preventable or curable by mere drinking water. The phenomenon in which water is used as medication to cure one disease or the other, whether communicable or non communicable.

The following among others are the beneficial effects of water therapy, based on personal empirical experience.

  1. It helps boost the body immune system. – Consistent use of water therapy helps to flush out toxins and antioxidant from the body. These toxins are responsible for different abnormal functions of the body system. However, taking the required quantity and quality of water daily will help build defense in the body against diseases.
  2. Water therapy hydrates the body. – A well hydrated body will have sufficient oxygen required for a healthy respiratory function which is pivotal to a smooth body metabolic processes, such as food digestion, absorption and reabsorption, and excretion.
  3. Water therapy prevent and cure cough. – From personal experience ones again and verifiable though, consistence drinking of an appreciable quantity of water will in no doubt prevent cough. The use of it can also be used to cure cough. The methodology for this purpose will be explained below.
  4. Water therapy replenishes the skin. – The skin is revitalized and moisturized thereby making it to glow and succulent. Formation of bumps and acne on the skin are gotten rid off through observance of water therapy.

Modus Operandi of water therapy

Borne out of long time experience, the following procedures must be followed in the practice of water therapy.

  1. First in the process is getting a clean water. Here is list with 5 portable water filters you can use anywhere.
  2. Secondly, heat up the water to a drinkable warm temperature, 20-30 degree Celsius.
  3. Thirdly, get a clean glass cup and take four full cup of the warm water.

The timing

This therapeutic exercise is to be done every day and first thing in the morning. That is, immediately after rising from the bed. It should be noted also that eating of anything before this exercise or less than two hours after should be avoided.

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