Scary Ways Water Destroys Your Home Without Your Knowledge

People only say that fire is the only real attack to the structure of a building such as a house. But did you know that water can also be a bad master and can destroy your building without you instantly noticing. It is only at last minute when too much damage has been done that you realize water can be a good servant and also a bad master.

Since water produces no smell, no smoke, and very minimal sounds, it can slowly destroy your building once there is a leak or through porous spaces in the walls. Furthermore, insurance owners do not cover such damage thus ignoring this will increase your expenses eventually.

Sources of this destructive water can be a broken hose, worn out pipes, clogged drainage systems, roofing leaks from rain water which percolates down your building stones and through crevices.

Here are the 6 ways water destroys your home:

  1. Swelling up of ceiling
  2. Shortened lifespan of building structure
  3. Collapse due to rusting
  4. Destruction of electrical equipment
  5. Increase of allergic health risks
  6. Leaching and staining of paint work

Swelling up of Ceiling

water leaks swelling ceiling

You will notice your ceiling will change color serving as an indication of roofing leaks. Also when the leak is not fixed up immediately, too much water causes the ceiling to swell up and may eventually cave in and the debris may fall over your equipment and household items.

Shortened Lifespan of Building Structure

Water percolates at minimal rates making you think that the effect is also minimal. Instead it percolates and seeps into your building stones eroding them from within. Some walls will start showing crannies as a result of erosion.

Collapse due to Rusting

water leaks rusting of reinforcement

Water reacts with oxygen over metal poles and steel in concrete forming rust. It is the rust that causes metal poles which were once with integrity to bend or fracture.

Once the metal support system is affected, that part of the building will eventually become weak and can also crumble. If not, the resale value of that building will be affected.

Destruction of Electric Equipment

water leaks electrical damage

You might probably have experienced this if your house has been leaking for a while. Since wiring of a building is mostly done internally, you cannot predict with ease where the damage will be done.

Water from leaking pipes, finds its way into electric wires or sockets and will cause short-circuiting of equipment connected through the wires or to the socket.

This is dangerous since electricity can also be conducted through the water around any electric equipment and when in contact can lead to electric shock or even death due to electrocution.

Increase in Allergic Health Risks

water leaks mold wall paint

When water percolates through wood and does not dry up, it causes mold to grow. Depending on the rate of flow of water through that place, mold will start to appear and thrive on that wood and will be multiplying with time.

You will notice this in two ways. First, the color of the wood changes and second allergic activity in members of that house flare up.

The environment becomes damp and can be felt even in the smell of any room near the dampened wood. The mold spikes up respiratory problems such as Asthma and Bronchitis because the quality of the air flowing through the room becomes poor. This damage is felt after long periods of leaks.

Leaching and Staining of Paint Work

water leaks ceiling paint leaching staining

This normally happens in untiled bathrooms whereby the paint peels by itself when water seeps below the paintwork. First it starts as stain then increases until it peels. This too happens on ceilings where water above the ceiling causes dampness beneath. Eventually the paint begins to peel and hang over the roof and cause an ugly picture.


So before purchasing a house or building it from scratch, ensure you have measures against water destruction. In case of any leaks, rectify them before damage is done. There are also waterproofing options offered by construction authorities, don’t forget to request and get the best out of your house design.

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