Are Plastic or Iron Water Pipes The Best Option?

Plastic water pipes are about keeping the water clean and making sure things do not smell. Safe water has to be available in a community for a variety of reasons People are not going to visit a town where they know the water is not safe, and a stinky smell can be one of the best signs that the water supply in a community is not safe.

Introduction to plastic pipes and how they can be used

Large Usage and Setups

Plastic water pipes can make things easier for larger water parks to get things done on a regular basis. A lot of kids are coming through those water parks every day, and they are ready to have some fun. People should be comfortable with the garden hose type setup that you can see with the plastic pipes. PEX pipes are going to be cheaper to install than most metal pipes, if you are running on a budget, then you want to make sure that you don’t spend money on bad pipes when you want to put business capital towards other things. In other words, a rancher would not want to buy two horses that are obviously sick when you know healthier horses or options are available.

Plastic pipes used in industry

The pipes are going to be available in a food factory where water needs to be readily accessible so we know that the different types of food can be completely safe and clean. It can be helpful to have this kind of pipes in a reverse osmosis situation, and you will find that the plastic pipes are better for conservation purposes in many ways. States in the Western United States are having trouble with the conservative of water. If a company can please people that are pro-industry and the hippies at the same time, maybe the plastic pipes are the way to go.

Plastic Pipes and Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities would be very smart to find the best possible equipment to get rid of some of the odors that people are worried. The best pipes out there can be used by farmers, whether talking about a small farming operation or a large farming operation. Water treatment facilities that do not take care of residents will receive plenty of blame, and people will move out of a town quicker than a hungry jaguar chasing a rabbit.

Operation and maintenance

If a farmer has some employees, they want to be able to save money and make sure their operation works schematically. If a farmer has a significant operation, and yet they make an investment in the wrong type of pipes, then they may just end up being a dirt farmer for the rest of their life.

Water companies as a whole need to pay attention to different changes in the industry. Once the right type of pipes is found, the maintenance of those pipes is paramount if you care about water quality. Water is imperative in business. It makes sense to make the right decisions in the business world.

Cast iron water pipe connected to plastic water pipe
Plumbing connection of steel pipe, faucet and polypropylene pipe.

Plastic pipes vs Iron pipes

Plastic pipesIron pipes
Material usedPVC or ABS plasticCast Iron
Durability40 – 100 yearsHundreds of years if properly maintained
CostCheaper to buy, but sometimes more expensive to install.Expensive at first sight, but on some occasions cheaper to install.
Noise factorNoisy, since plastic has a lower density and when flows it causes it to vibrate.Quiet. The cast iron is quite dense material dense making it hard to vibrate.
Ease of installationVery easy to cut and join.Difficult to cut, but modern ones are pretty easy to join and install.
Fire safetyCan burn awayFireproof
StrengthPlastic pipes are flexible and they can deflect under heavy loads.For example, a 4″ cast iron soil pipe can support 4,877 pounds per linear foot.
Corrosive materials vulnerabilityVulnerable to acids, solvents, petroleum products, and very hot water.Corrosion can occur when the pH level of the water drops to below 4.3 for an extended length of time.
Environment-friendlyThese pipes have minimum value as a recycled product. Produces with 100% recycled metal.


As we can clearly see PVC and ABS pipes are lighter and easier to work with. They are also less expensive in most cases, excluding cases like underground installation of plastic pipes. They can be noisier and melt during a fire, making them good for some situations while not so good in others.

On the other hand cast iron pipes can last centuries. For example, the Versailles Palace in France runs water in cast iron pipes for over 300 years. They are durable, environment-friendlier and sometimes at the same cost as plastic pipes.

The choice is yours.

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