How To Properly Drink Water Throughout The Day

Do you forget to drink water during the day? If your answer is Yes, we would like to help you establish this habit. Staying hydrated by drinking water is essential for human body to work in a proper way. Drinking pure and clean water will keep you healthy in long term.

Water Content In Human Body

As you probably know our bodies are made up mostly of water. Here are some facts about the water in human body. Our blood contains 83% water, and the lean muscle tissue is 75% water. The most important organ in our body, the brain, contains over 80 % water. Lungs are about 75%, skin is at least 70%, kidneys are about 80% and even the bones has 22% water content. To keep our vital organs in good condition we need to serve the proper amount of water daily.

5 signs that you may need more water

  1. You are feeling dryness over you lips, eyes, skin and hair.
  2. You are experiencing inflammation. This may result in red eyes, skin rashes and burns.
  3. Take a look at the color of your urine. If it is dark yellow instead of light yellow and has sharp smell you need some hydration.
  4. You’ve constipation signs. Irregular bowel movement is also a sign of dehydration.
  5. Little to no sweat is a sure sign that your body needs more water.

How to drink water properly

First thing to do when you wake up

First thing you’ve to do in the morning is to drink water. You should be naturally thirsty when you wake up. A glass of water before breakfast helps you get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body during the night.

Drink the proper amount

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day. The quantity is different for each person. It may vary depending of your weight and daily activity. The easiest way to verify if you’re properly hydrated is to check your urine color. It should be light and clear in color and don’t smell a lot.

Drink on regular intervals

Don’t drink huge quantities of water at one time. Drinking more water than your body can absorb can result in full stomach and swelling. Try to drink little amounts during the whole day. This way your body will absorb all of the needed water and will not go through stress.

Drink even if you’re not thirsty

Drink water when you can. This is maybe the most important thing to follow and establish your drinking habits. Make sure that you don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. If you are feeling thirst your body is probably dehydrated.

Water, water and more water

Try to drink less substitutes and more clean water. Water substitutes include soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea and so on. Most of these drinks are rich in sugar content which can lead to undesired effects. Drinking coffee and alcohol dehydrates your body at a scale higher that physical activity. This is why drinking clean water is so important.

Increase water intake in the heat

Make sure to drink more water when it’s hot outside. In the summer months people need more hydration to stay healthy. This is also true for those living in permanent hot conditions. Increase your daily intake by 30% when outside is hotter than usual. Increased water intake in the heat may result in more sweating. Don’t worry this is normal process for your body to regulate temperature. This way you will naturally prevent heat strokes.

Stay hydrated during workouts

Water intake and physical activity are very closely related. The more you exercise the more you need to drink. An estimated 500 ml of water is needed to compensate fluid loss for 1 hour exercise. Make sure to drink enough water to prevent dehydration and be in top condition. Your muscles will regenerate faster and you will overcome muscle strain easier.

Drink water when you’re ill

Drinking more water is very helpful for sick people to overcome illness. You may not feel thirst when you are sick, but believe me, staying hydrated is essential for faster recovery. Your body need more water on cellular level in order to fight diseases more effectively.

Drink more water during pregnancy

Pregnant women should pay more attention to staying hydrated. Hydration is essential for having unproblematic pregnancy and healthy baby. Make sure to increase the water intake even more if you’re breast-feeding. Proper water intake will help your body produce enough milk with high nutrition value.

Keep your kids hydrated

The best way to keep your kids hydrated is by personal example. Children copy everything they see from their parents. Drink water at even intervals when you are together, and offer them to drink too. This way they will remember the schedule and do it on their own. Make sure that your children have constant access to water when they are in school or playing outside.

Water drinking programs for beginners

I want to give you a simple schedule which you can follow to drink full eight glasses of water during the day. This estimates to approximately two litres of water. This is the minimum quantity you should drink during the day. Try to adapt the schedule to your daily routine.

  • Drink your first glass at 7 am – Hydrate your body after a long night’s rest with a glass of water. Try not to eat breakfast for at least 30 minutes after that.
  • Drink your second glass at 9 am – Drink your 2nd glass approximately 1 hour after your breakfast.
  • Drink your third glass at 11:30 am – Having a glass of water 30 minutes before lunch will help digestion process.
  • Drink your fourth glass at 1:30 pm – Drinking water an hour after meal allows the body to absorb the nutrients in proper way.
  • Drink your fifth glass at 3:30 pm – Refreshes your body and mind in the afternoon.
  • Drink your sixth glass at 5 pm – Drinking water before dinner will increase the productivity of your metabolism.
  • Drink your seventh glass at 8 pm – Drinking water before you shower will lower blood pressure levels in the body.
  • Drink your eight glass at 10 pm – This last glass of water will guarantee hydration during your sleep. It may result in urinating during the night, but it is always better option than 8 hour dehydration.

I understand that the previous schedule may be difficult to execute for some people. Because of that I can summarise it in just 4 steps. Make sure to follow them for proper hydration.

  1. After waking up​
  2. Before a meal
  3. Before a bath
  4. Before sleep

Following schedules can be a real struggle for some people. Fortunately there are some apps to help you with this. Below are some that you can check out and install on your iPhone or Android device.

Quote by Diana Cooper

Bless the water you drink and it will light up the cells of your body.

Diana Cooper

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