How to Keep Water Pipes Clean

Water pipes are an integral part of our homes. They guarantee an excellent flow of water to all rooms of our most significant investment, our home—from the bathroom to kitchen to dining room. As a homeowner, it is essential to know how to keep your home’s water pipes clean. Knowing to fix the plumbing problem will help you to save lots of dollars and time.

Rusted water pipe

In reality, waters pipes become clogged overtime—debris, twigs and lime deposits accumulates in the pipes and lead to blockage. However, you can keep water pipes clean through the following simple ways:

1. Invest In a Water Softener

You might have noticed some white flake around the sink basin, shower heads and faucets. This white-colored peel signifies that you live in an area with ‘hard water.’ Consider to install a water softener and free your home’s water pipes from the effects of lime. When hard water passes through the mineral filters, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium or potassium ions. This way, water ends up becoming soft.

2. Use Commercial Cleaners

There are plenty of commercial cleaners in the market. These cleaners help to eat up minerals deposits that might have accumulated in your water pipes over time. Experts say that you can buy commercial cleaner and pour it into the main pipe. Then, let water flow for sometimes to ensure that all lime is washed away. The bad news is constant use of commercial cleaners can lead to deterioration of the pipes.

3. Often Remove Lime

Hot water is among the major causes of lime in water pipes. When water is hot, lime tends to dissolve in it. However, once the water cools off, lime that is left settle down the pipes as well as in the water heater and leads to reduced water flow.

The simple way to end this problem is to empty the water heater half away and add some lime remover. Refill it and leave the water for sometimes to settle. Finally, allow the water to run into all the faucets until white bubbles disappear.

What Next?

It is the time to DIY. Don’t wait until your water pipes are clogged. Keep water pipes clean and protect your home from damage. You can also read our top 5 Solutions for Softening Hard Water for home use.

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