Cut Your Utility Bill in Half with Proper Water Management

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Cut your utility bill by proper management of water

An estimated 1.8 billion people are at risk of facing serious water scarcity by 2025. This despite 70 percent of the entire globe being covered by water. But how much of this water is safe for human consumption? The environment is choking in waste leading to global warming which then causes unpredictable weather patterns. How then can you contribute towards conserving water and the environment while at home? Here are some pointers.

Change your toilets

This may come as a surprise but with water conservation in mind, new generation toilets use only 1.3 gallons of water per flush while older generation toilets use up to 6 gallons. You save 4.7 gallons with each flush which doesn’t seem much but when you add up the number of toilet flushes in a household per day multiplied by the number of days in that particular month you can easily see how much cash you can save on your water bill every passing month.

Turn off the taps while brushing teeth and rinsing

You use less water by collecting water in a cup to use for brushing your teeth. You, however, waste a lot of perfectly clean water channeled into the sink on to the sewerage system when you choose to brush your teeth with the tap turned on. On the other hand, use a sink stopper to keep the collected water in your sink from draining while you rinse the dishes.

Promptly Fix leaks

A lot of procrastination is involved when it comes to dealing with leaks in the home. However, water leaks rank first among water wastage points. From leaking sinks and plumbing to shower heads and toilets. It is unimaginable how such little drops can cause a significant upsurge in the amount of dollars spent on paying for water.

Take shorter showers

The right shower head is able to distribute water evenly and effectively. Older generation shower heads, for instance, give off heavier flow compared to newer shower heads shower which has a lighter flow and wider design. In turn you find that within a short while you are done taking a shower. Money used to contract a plumber to change your shower heads is nothing compared to the amount of cash used in paying the water bill when the showerhead in use is ineffective.

Harvest rain water

Putting up a harvesting system for water in your home can be as simple as putting up roofing gutters and channeling them to a waiting water tank. There are of course other complex harvesting systems available. With this simple rainwater harvesting system however, you have thousands of liters of free water to water the lawn, wash your car, clean the driveway, wash your pets among numerous other uses.

A close look at the above makes you realize that water conservation from your home gives off a chain reaction. For instance, less water wastage means more clean water for farming with the same produce ending on your table. Besides, it gives great pleasure to know you are contributing towards a more habitable environment for people all over the world.

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