Automated Water Systems: The Newest Technology in Smart Homes

Smart homes have been around for a few years, but technology for water systems are just coming onto the market. These systems improve safety and help homeowners avoid water damage, but they are also fun, convenient, and make life better. Perhaps the biggest benefits are the large amounts of water they can save. And there are many different devices homeowners can choose from.

Water Main Shut Offs

Internet-connected water main shut offs are simple in concept, but they can save homeowners a ton of money. These devices connect to smartphones and work in the background by monitoring a home’s water system for leaks. When it detects one, it shuts off to water to keep damage to a minimum. The shutoff can also be activated from a smartphone if you have a plumber coming in, so you don’t have to climb into some dark corner of your home to do it manually.

Leaksmart water leak detection system

One of the best water leak detection systems available on the market is made by leakSMART. It consists of electronic motorized brass ball valve that is installed on your water main line. The system has also sensors which can be placed in possible places where leaks can occur. They send signal to the valve if there are leaks so it can shut off your water main in 5 seconds or less. You can also operate it via its smartphone app.

As you probably guess there are many alternatives to this automatic water shutoff valve. An in-depth review of the best automatic water shutoff system can be read at SmartHome University.

Water Monitoring Systems

These systems watch water coming into the home and record data on water quality, levels, flow, and pressure. These systems can warn you when water quality falls and it’s time to change a filter. They can detect the early warning signs of buildup inside the pipes. However, the newest water monitoring systems can also learn the habits and preferences of everyone living in the home.

The latest smart home water monitoring systems can send information to smart shower systems that detect individuals using wearable devices and smartphones. They can preheat the water and customize the pressure to suit each person’s preferences. That means you don’t have to waste water waiting for it to warm up or worry about getting burned if someone flushes a toilet.

Waterbot water quality monitoring system

Water monitoring systems are quite innovative thing to have in your home. At the moment most of the so called water monitoring systems are focused to prevent flooding of your home and leaks. A simple solution the complex problem of measuring home water quality may be offered by WaterBot. It is in development WiFi-connected water monitoring device, which uses the power of IBM’s Watson platform to provide you information about contaminants. More information about it can be obtained on its Indiegogo page.

Communities can also benefit from these systems. Automatic water monitoring systems collect data about water usage, quality, flow and levels. When this information can be collected for entire neighborhoods, the community can get real time information about the quality of the water coming from treatment plants as well as information that could identify leaks and other infrastructure problems. They can make better watering restrictions, increase conservation, and make other important management decisions using reliable data.

Water Systems and Other Smart Technologies

Some of the newer automated water systems make use of smartphones and connected wearables. These devices keep track of your activity levels. When it’s time for you to drink water, an alarm goes off. The smart home can automatically cool the water to give you a cool drink without the wait.

Fun and Convenient Automated Water Technologies

automated robotic pool cleaner

Not all of the water-related technology is inside the home. Some of the latest products to hit the market can make life outside your home easier. Robotic pool cleaners are a good example. Like a robotic vacuum, these little devices scrub swimming pool surfaces and collect the junk it finds in an onboard cannister. All you have to do is open it up and dump it out when it’s done.

automated in-ground home water sprinkler

Automated controls for in-ground water sprinkler systems are another nifty gadget to have. These connect to a smartphone, so you always know when and where it’s running. They monitor everything about the water, so they will stop and start each area of the yard independently. The most feature-rich versions of these devices can even tell when it’s raining, so they don’t water when they don’t have to. For anyone with a brown thumb, these devices are a welcomed option.


Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Automated home water systems are a nice addition to these. Homeowners will love the convenience and luxury, but the benefits of these devices go far outside the home. These are definitely devices you’ll want to keep your eye on.

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