5 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water That Help Your Body Heal

It has been said time and again that drinking water is very healthy to your body. But have you ever stopped for a minute to ponder about the benefits of drinking warm water? Well, gulping down a cup of warm water has proven to be healthier if replaced with cold water and especially when you drink it first thing in the morning and just before you retire to bed.

Warm water with lemon juice

You may be wondering how you’ll cope with the tastelessness of the warm water. Nevertheless, you can make the taste more appealing by adding some lemon juice. Lemons not only provide a better taste but also gives your body a vitamin C boost and it also triggers weight loss.

Warm water works wonders for your body by helping in digestion, detoxification, weight loss and curing sore throat among other benefits. Below are 5 benefits of drinking warm water.

Aids Detoxification

Water aids detoxification

Detoxification is the process through which toxins are removed from the body. Warm water aids detoxification through the skin in form of sweat and also through the kidney in form of urine.

To secrete urine, the kidneys require water. A higher intake of warm water causes a higher volume of urine, which is a primary waste that helps the body to eliminate unnecessary substances.

When you drink warm water, the body temperatures increase and the body responds by producing sweat. This causes toxins to be flushed out of the body thereby keeping you healthy. Drinking Warm water also improves the circulation of blood in the body by dissipating fat deposits which are later released as toxins.

We all know that drinking water helps to break down food substances. However, warm water quickens the process of breaking down the food substances, consequently ensuring an easier digestion and a faster absorption rate.

Helps in Digestion

Drink more water for better digestion

It is common knowledge that drinking water helps to break down food substances. However, drinking warm water quickens the process of breaking down the food substances, therefore ensuring an easier digestion and a faster absorption rate.

Warm water acts as an activation to the digestive tract. It is the lubricant that allows food movement through the intestines through hydration and helps in waste elimination. One of the 5 benefits of drinking warm water is that it dissolves hard to digest food substances that would have otherwise caused constipation.

It Is a Weight Loss Strategy

weight loss: the green apples and a glass of water

If you are looking for an effective and no cost method to shed off some pounds, then you got to befriend warm water. Drinking warm water helps you achieve your weight loss goals by keeping you feeling full for longer periods. This makes you eat less, therefore reducing the intake of calories.

Also, warm water promotes digestion and increases the body temperature which in turn increases the rate of metabolism. This causes burning of calories leading to weight loss.

Heals a Sore Throat

Another benefit of drinking warm water is that it is a natural remedy for a sore throat. When mucous builds up, your throat feels sore. This discomfort can be soothed by gulping down some warm water which dissolves the mucous and helps remove it from the throat.

Preventing Rapid Aging is Another Benefit of Drinking Warm Water

As pointed out above, taking warm water helps in detoxification. The presence of toxins in the body accelerates the process of aging. As the body detoxifies, it triggers the cells to get repaired quickly and keeps the skin elastic, smoother and glowing.

It also helps the body to feel relaxed and helps in the circulation of blood. This reduces the risk of skin creases and keeps you looking younger.


Having outlined the 5 benefits of drinking warm water, it is worth noting that your water should be just as described here, Warm. Too hot water is not so friendly to your body as it may destroy your taste buds, blister your tongue and as well burn your gullet tissues. Also, when the weather is too hot it is advisable that you take cold water as it helps in cooling off your body.

If you are keen on preventing rapid aging, dropping some pounds and detoxifying your body, then you now know that drinking warm water works the magic.

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