13 Advantages and disadvantages of using softened water in your home

Get rid of hard water in your home

Softening water at home can provide many benefits to your health and home, but also has some potential risks. What are the pros and cons of using softened water in your home? The less abrasive and lower in mineral contents water is desirable temptation to use in our homes. It is wise to know all the benefits and disadvantages of using it in everyday home activities.


  1. Provides healthier personal hygiene: smooth skin, soft hair, better shaving, etc.
  2. Important savings in detergent and cleaning products consumption.
  3. Easier cleaning, as it avoids the generation of hard-elimination substances.
  4. Helps keeping clothes soft, with brighter colours and extending their wear out.
  5. Improves food cooking, by reducing cooking time and keeping its taste.
  6. Avoids encrustations and preserves a good conservation of the house appliances, extending their lifespan.
  7. Reduces energy consumption in water heating elements. Calcium formations cause, among other inconvenients, thermal insulating effects.
  8. Minimizes the breakdown and maintenance risk of electrical appliances, boilers and heaters.
  9. Decreases mineral content deposit in pipe system. This leads to better plumbing and can save you potential future leaks and expensive repairs.


  1. Drinking softened water may have severe health issues if you are sensible to salinity or high sodium levels. Avoid it if you have diabetics or high blood pressure conditions.
  2. Watering your plants with soft water has some hidden risks. Doing it on a regular basis may result it stunting their growth, due to lack of vital elements.
  3. You may encounter washing issues because soft water is not as abrasive as hard water. It may be great for preventing damage when washing clothes, but this don’t count for washing your body. Washing soap or shampoo with soft water will be more difficult and will require more water.
  4. Make sure not to use soft water in aquariums. It may be deadly to fish since they require certain pH levels to remain healthy.

Comparing these I can say that advantages of using softened water in your home surpass disadvantages. The most important aspect is that soft water provides you healthier home environment. Second comes the reducing of utility costs and the long run cost benefits for maintaining your home. You’ll also save a lot of money on soap, shampoo and all the household cleaners. What a perfect way to preserve planet’s resources and save money in long term.

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