12 ways to save water in your home and be a wiser user!

Every drop counts - reduce your use

Water is a basic necessity for all. It is impossible to manage a single day without water. Gallons of water is wasted every day all over the world, which can be minimized if you are a little careful. Here are a few essential and easy tips to save water in your homes.

  1. Aerators: Use aerators in your bathroom and kitchen faucet. The misty water flow will prevent water splashing and conserve water. Technically the aerator helps the flowing water to get mixed with oxygen. This reduces the volume of water flow and lets the water fall in a single stream.
  2. Adjust the aerator: Optimize water flow by adjusting the aerator valve according to your need.
  3. During shower: Place a bucket below the shower. This way water can be stored and reused for other cleaning purpose. You can even water your plants with this water.
  4. Indoor plants: If you have interest in indoor plants, use more succulents in your home as they need less water. Water them once or maximum twice a week.
  5. Use bottle mister: Always water the plants manually with a bottle mister. If you spray water on the plants, they are not overwatered. It keeps the plants healthy and green.
  6. Car wash: If you need to wash your car, take it to a car wash rather than doing it on your own. Professional car wash folks now how to clean your car with minimal water.
  7. Turn off tap: While shaving or brushing your teeth, don’t forget to turn off the tap. Very often one gets lost in his or her thoughts while brushing or shaving. Keep a track of your time and see that you don’t keep the taps open.
  8. Full load dishwasher: Make it a point to run the dishwasher only when it is fully loaded with vessels and crockeries. This way you will save both water and electricity.
  9. Manage your pool: Empty your swimming pool in the winter months. In the summer, use a pool cover to prevent the water getting overheated. This will also reduce the evaporation from the pool.
  10. Leaks: Keep an eye on the bathroom and kitchen tap leaks. Get them fixed on utmost priority.
  11. Tweak your brain: Remember to close the taps properly after use. Don’t let water drip even in very less flow.
  12. Kids: Teach your kids not to waste water.

Get going folks!! Conserve water with your own initiative and make this earth a better place to live in for the generations to come.

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